New Aeron Chair Released!:

A new Aeron Chair has been released. With the original Herman Miller Aeron Co-inventors Stumpf and Chadwick showed that your ordinary office chair could serve more than the purpose of just sitting in an office. It could not only look better but it also can feel better for you. So how did Herman Miller make one of the most iconic chairs better? Well they started with recruiting one of the creators of the original Aeron Bill Stumpf. With better adjustment capabilities, smarter materials, new finish options, and a healthier more comfortable sit the new Aeron has not been recreated it’s been remastered.   All of these improvements came from Herman Miller’s 20 years of research behind the science of sitting. Herman Miller has made every effort to significantly expand upon the performance and comfort of the original Aeron, while also crafting a beautiful, harmonious look and feel. This was accomplished by updating the materials, colors and finishes.   The new Aeron Chair is something you have to see and feel for yourself. Contact our Widmer team or stop by our Peoria location to see and feel the improvements Herman Miller has made with the new Aeron!

Widmer Wish 2016 Winner:

We are excited to announce that this years Widmer Wish winner is Peoria South Side Mission. This non-for-profit organization helps to love, feed, house, clothe and teach all the people in the greater Peoria area. We are privileged to provide them with a $20,000 office refurnishing in appreciation for all they have done, currently do and will do in the future.

Meet our Chairs- the Setu Chair!:

setublog1 Meet our Chairs- the Setu Chair!  It’s instant comfort for anyone, anywhere! Read more ›


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