Meet our Chairs- the Mirra 2!:

Meet our Chairs- the Mirra 2!  It’s lean and light, and as responsive as your own shadow! Read more ›

Meet our Chairs- the Aeron!:

Meet our Chairs – the Aeron!  It was the first office chair introduced without any fabric or foam, revolutionizing seating ergonomics. Read more ›

Meet our Chairs – the Embody!:

Meet our Chairs- the Embody! Did you know that more than 20 physicians & PhDs in the fields of biomechanics, vision, physical therapy and ergonomics contributed in the development of the Embody chair? Read more ›

Trendway Modular Walls:

We have recently partnered with Trendway to provide durable, movable and affordable walls to you!

Read more ›